A Quick Evolution

March 6, 2012

I had a bit of trouble of thinking what to talk about this week in my blog. So I thought about how animation was able to turn itself into a new art form in a few decades. To think about where it was in the twenties to where it was in the thirties is quite a leap. This transformation was happening right before our eyes too.I think the most astounding apart is the change to human characters from animals one. In a way animals were always easier to draw than humans. Our characteristics are a bit hard to capture. However, when we saw the animation of superman it was quite astounded. To think of how they moved and acted made me think. We see later in that most animals go back to animals. Also when they look at that compared to the iterations of super heroes like the super friends. it is a sad decline. I wonder what would’ve happened if they continued to use the effort they put in the super man style of animation. I remember when The Incredibles was coming out and most of the interviews had to deal with them having to be humans. there was not much Pixar movies that had human charters at the time that shows how complicated  humans are to make. overall I’m glad more shows have got by now. who knows it could improve some more.

here are some comparisons

now compare that to this just 20 years later

which do think is better?



  1. Yeah, it’s interesting to think that Toy Story was the first fully computer animated movie. I remember seeing it in theaters with my dad. Looking back like 30 years ago the animation was all hand drawn or had minimal computer aid and now most of the drawn stuff is for the main frames of the cartoon and everything else is computer assisted. Fast moving world i guess.

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  3. I’m pretty certain the second superman short was a series of still pictures with one or two items animated in each shot. It’s amazing how cheap they got. The first superman short was silly in its story, but at least it had ACTION!

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